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Survey III

Tuesday, November 1, 2011 § 0

When you're walking, do you stop to drink?
= yeap, when I feel thirsty, or looking at a very thirstful drink places

Do you believe that if you want something bad enough you'll get it?

= Haha, kinda. I have evidence. It's only the matter of time. Well, time always beat me.

Have you ever kissed someone in a vehicle?
= I'm hoping to . . . Kiss me people. . .

Ever snuck out of your house?
= Ehhh, I'm way past that now. That's a never

Kill or Be killed?
= Errr, neither and neither

Break someone’s heart or have your heart broken?
= Well, my heart is not easily broken, and I'm not that damn sure if I ever broke someone's heart... Did I? Please tell me if I did.

What did you do today?
= Well, go to work, wash my car, cook for my dinner, typical way of life.

Do you like someone right this second?
= I'm liking lof of people, and wish they know it too...


= What do ya want me to know?

Would you ever get a tattoo?
= Yeah, I'm kinda hoping one right now.

= This one NO. If dying hair is one of the question, then my answer is YES.

What was the last thing you ate?
= This very delicious grapes, bought from Tesco. yummm...

Are you a morning person or a night person?
= Night, and I'm very grumpy during morning. Don't expect me to be good during morning.

Do you snore?
= According to people that have sleep beside me, No I'm Not.

Do you know anyone who has gotten an abortion?
= Who who? How dare you

What would you do if you opened up your front door to a dead body?
= I come with the FBI tape (named by Mr. Zeex Asyraf), surgery gloves, camera and pretend I'm in a movie, with dead body has to be investigated.

Do you like to spend time with people?
= Out of a week, the probabilities is 2 over 7 . . . 

Are you hungry?
= Oauww, I wish, but then I remember that I have to lose weight, for some reasons.
Are you a forgiving person?
= I WISH (with capital letters)

Are you talking to anyone while doing this?
= One of the staff just walk by and makin an unnecessarily joke.

Do you want a relationship right now?
= Nope, I'm happy with things going on now. Maybe I'll change the answer a few hours later

What are you about to do?
= I definitely have a lot of report to be done, by,let's say last Monday. I'm over due already, still I'm doin this. Hah haaa...

Have you ever thought someone died, when they really didn't?
= Hmmm, I used to believe some one is dead, but then he'she didn't. But I can't recall which person. Hmmm.

If you could be a superhero what would you want to do?
= Ah haaa, this one could be a challenging one to be answered. Owh, fly fly fly to the moon. Hek Hek Hek. . .

Your name plus "ness"?
= Syahminess . . . Okeyh, then? I don't get this one.

Three feelings at the moment?
= Stupidly numb, erotically sexy, Syahminess tired, heh heh heh.Now I get it.

Done anything you regret so far in life?
= Hmmm, yeah. This one is a must. Do I have to mention each one of it?

Are you listening to anything?
= Yeap, Hush Hush (I Will Survive) by Pussycat Dolls. Yucks, this song doesn;t make me any cooler.

Where are you right now?
= 1st half of the survey I was in my living room. Then the 2nd half, I'm inside the meeting room at my office.

What are you scared of?
= God, then full stop.

Last movie you watched?
= In Time, and as always, I slept in the middle of the movie. Almost every movie, Real Steel, Harry Potter, Abduction, even Kung Fu Panda (3D) . . . aiyyy. . .

Last song you sang out loud?
= Moves Like Jaggers, yeah, together with Nazira this afternnon . . . Hahaha

Are you thinking of someone right now?
= Yeap, I'm not gonna lie. But the memory was such a blur. Their images not that clear.

Who is the last person you talked to on the phone?
= Mr. Jaya, talking about our lunch plan

Last thing you downloaded on your computer?
= I believe it's If I Die Young by Band Perri. What a nice and meaningful song. You should listen to ' em

Have you changed much this year?
= Ah haaaa, well, a lot lot lot actually. Haha, wait for my new year post, talking the hell of changes...

Where was the last place you went besides where you are?
= Owh owh, Five F Corner, where I have my lunch over there. Nice food, nice place, just the food is unreasonably expensive.

Has anyone ever said you looked like a celebrity?
= Errr, always. The latest one is Chef Sherson. Hahaha, thanks Alia. Keh Keh Keh.
Do you speak any other language?
= Uh, uh, does accent counted as other language. If it does, then I'm totally can speak others. haha

Do you dress for style or comfort?
= Both. But most of the time, for comfort. However, tight jeans and tee or shirt is totally comfortable for me rather than loose one. Yucckkss...

Ever had a drunken night in Mexico?
= I don't even get drunk, and the second question is a total no. Except, drunk for love. Hehehe

What's the craziest thing you've done?
= How kerazeeyy you means? Is driving while sleeping is consider crazy enough?.. hohoho..

Favorite color(s)?
= Out of nowhere, I'm picking black. Hmm..

What is your favorite Nickelback song?
= I don't know many of their songs, but sure the best one is How You Remind Me,

What are you looking forward to this summer?
= Which summer are you referring to? North or South Hemisphere. Oh, wait, we don't have summer. Then let's forget it. NEXT...

Last time you smiled?
= What do you think of me, a robot, yeah for sure I smile all the time. See, SMILING. Duuhh...

If you could choose any fate what would you choose?
= I rather not to do it, even If I got the chances. No No No. I could be a total mess.

If you could have anything the world, what would you want?
= Can I have Samsung Galaxy Tab?   errrr,,,,



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