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Sunday, August 12, 2012 § 0

Last night I was cleaning my room and start to throw off everything. Suddenly I saw this card.
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This is my bestie, he sent me this card during 2009 Raya, three years back. Seeing his old childish writing and yeah for sure won’t be change like forever made me realized how much I miss him. Miss hanging out with him, doing silly stuff (well sometime it’s not silly enough) and foremost, I am missing how we are being close, knowing in and out about ourselves.

I always wish the best for him in life, in study, in career and the most important one in his relationship. I wish he could found one girl that can make him happy ever after and I will found mine, and after that we could do the double dating. After that both of us marrying our dream girls and still be bestie after that and still doing the same silly stuff like the old times.

I think I’ve been imagining this too far. However our future is build by what we did today. Am I on the correct path, going there? I wish.



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