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PKF 5360's Birthday - License

Sunday, August 12, 2012 § 1

Today is my car’s first birthday. On this special occasion, I’ve been preparing one post, and I hope it will inspire anybody who read this. This is the story of how I’m getting my driving license.

The story goes back three years ago, in 2009. I was always driving my friend car without legal driving license. Then I’m proposing this to my father to get my own license, but the answer was always “hold on”. With that I’m holding my decision. To get it with my own cash was a total nonsense. I have not enough money at that time.

Until I got my first job, then I have enough money to invest in. October 2010, I registered to the driving school. I paid the rent, went to the theory class and registered for the test which I failed the first part of the question, the blind color question. They ask me to go the driving school to get some helpful advice. The people from the driving school ask me to get medical clarification from the authorized doctor stating that I am fit to drive. I ask again which doctor that they recommend. Then they were suggesting me to go the clinic in front of the Tesco Sungai Dua. You could see the clinic if you go to Tesco or stopping at the traffic light in front of the Tesco.
My enemy since then

But that doctor was not a pleasant one and yeah too far to be said helpful. He said this to me “I am sorry to say this, but you are color blind. You cannot drive. I know having a beautiful car is a dream for a young guy, having lot of lot girl hoping in. But you must forget this dream because you cannot drive. There are nowhere in this world you could drive”. I’m not satisfied, I ask him whether this situation could be fix, then he answered me this, “Every country in this world making a color blind test compulsory to be passed to get their driving license. The only way is, you find one country in this world get their citizenship, then get driving license from there only after that you come back to Malaysia. I am very sorry you cannot get woman using car. Or you could get a wife that has driving license and she could drive you”. It was me with the long face inside his office, and then he continued, “It’s not your fault anyway. It was like you studying very hard for your SPM, and then when you sit for the exam you fail. You cannot answer the question. You cannot blame the system or the question, it just you failed to get the grade. You must focus on the other option too”.

I was like WHAT!!!!!! I was thinking to break his glass door at that time. How a doctor could could give me some bad advice. However the sentence up there is not an exact word, it just a gist. The point is clearly stated. I only elaborated it a bit.

December 2010, I was in Sarawak and at that time I was thinking to buy a statement from a doctor. January 2011, I was planning to go to Kedah to get medical clarification because they say it’s easier in Alor Setar. There are no mean doctor like the one we have here in Penang. On our halfway, we found out that, there are public holiday in Kedah due to their Sultan’s birthday. We spent our evening in Sungai Petani instead.
We had our lunch in here

Nice railway station

Happy Birthday Tuanku

Vast paddy field, Kedah landmark

End of January, I went to Penang General Hospital. The medical staffs there were doing lot of examination on my eyes, starting with one test like we have when we purchase our spectacles, the color blind test and then the doctor drop a solution to my eyes and inspecting it with one machine. The medical staff said it’s not a big problem and I can drive for sure. It’s not like I can’t see all the colors. I only cannot see it if the intensity of the colors is too thick (or too low).

Then I went to the doctor’s office. The doctor said this “You definitely can drive, but only for a personal car. Yeah you are color blind and you are having green defect at these certain (I forget already) degree. You sure can drive but you cannot get commercial or license higher than D. But I believe to be a driver is not your ambition so have no worries on this”. My God, the response was very different, plus she is very beautiful. She wrote I have color blind and stating specifically green-defect. Then he said it’s up to the JPJ to decide the next move.

When I came back to the driving school, how frustrated it was when the high ranking teacher said that they cannot accept the statement from government hospital. I ask again, which clinic was actually the correct one. Then came this one staff saying the one beside KFC. They could just say that back in October 2010. But they didn’t because the staff that giving me the first information was a new staff and she is not familiar yet with the procedure. WHAT!!!!. Luckily the last staff was very helpful.

February 2011, I went to the clinic mentioned but the doctor at first hesitated to gimme the medical clarification. I begged and begged and the he agreed. 5pm, I got the clarification on the same day I went to the driving school and gave them the needed document. I set the appointment for the theoretical class.

I passed the test with 48 correct answers out of 50. I then got my L license on 22nd March 2011. I was told it will take a month after the ‘L’ date for me to have the driving test. I planned my class properly with the teacher and I manage to do the grouping test after the 6 hours, cutting down two hours. During the grouping test, they said I’m fit to sit the exam and on 28th April 2011 I went for the exam.
This is my driving school

The exam was one different thing. There were lotsa people taking the same exam. Some people were just repeating it. I manage to get full marks for the track test. Then for the driving part, I got a woman examiner. SHIT. I did all the seven free marks, including the left side mirror. It was okay and I said “Cermin sudah okey Puan”. After that she put an X on that part. She was also making comment such as slow down on bump and it started making me uneasy. After completing the route she gave me 16 out of 20, which is the lowest mark to pass. I passed. I was happily running to the office and thanking everyone there. From my teacher and the most important person the counter staff that help me a lot  to get through the rough first half of my way to get my license.

My feeling at that time was, I want to slap the face of the first doctor that say I couldn't drive. I was like a limp that finally can run 100 meters. They say I cannot do it, but I prove them wrong. It maybe took me like forever to get it, but I never stop. I never stop trying hard and never stop believing. The most important thing is never stops having faith on God. I know He has already plan this for me to think how almighty His power is. It is not the doctor, the teachers, the staff or the examiners to determine my driving license; it was Him all the time. Thank God.

I hope, maybe it could not inspire a lot but okay if this could make you think how grateful you are. There it is. Yeah.



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  • I had the same problem. I visited 3 doctors. And this is the third time im getting letter from doctor. Being a colour blind person is really hard for me bro. Even my friends laughed at me for it. It's not what i want but it's in my gene.. :( i really hope jpj cleared my blacklist. So i can get my driving license asap

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