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Berjalan Merata

Tuesday, May 20, 2014 § 0

Alhamdulillah, syukur kepada Tuhan.

Aku diberi kebenaran olehNya untuk pergi merata tempat. Takde larh merata sangat pun senanya. Pergi Indonesia dan India ja pun, tapi STILL. Bali adalah sangat heaven seronoknya. India plak sangat larh ehm ehm. Tak baek cakap benda tak elok. Jangan DEFAME orang dan tempat laen. Betol tak?

Oh yearh, apa lagi.

Full love and support from Asian to our next possible winner of THE VOICE US Season 6, Christina Grimmie. Let's trend #GrimmieForTheWin y'll.. She's far beyond excellent. She's cute and she could be next 'IT' singer.

Congratulations to Sheena for winning Asia's Next Top Model. Despite disrespectful comments and vulgar words coming from you-know-which-country-didn't-win she prove that she deserves it. Clearly the judges see the other competitors did well but that's not what they want. They are looking for the current looks, not a safer choice and yearh quirky.

Raising Hope is now airing its Fourth Season. Hope is no longer a toddler. Virginia and Burt becoming more and more ridiculous. Maw Maw is one great extra age actress. Who can beat that bitch and believe me, she's one of the beauty pageant back then.

Once in a while update blog pun bagus gak senanya. Okeyh



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