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23 Things Every Late-Night Person Will Know To Be True

Monday, July 21, 2014 § 0

This post was actually originated from Buzzfeed website. I'll quote all the 23 facts and will tell how these facts suit very well in my daily life. People from Buzzfeed, please don't sue me for plagiarism or anything.

1. You are an expert at calculating exactly how many hours sleep you'd get if you fell asleep right now. - It's not as many as you'll get. Because you won't go to sleep.
You've been listening how I'm whining with the hours of sleep I got. Because I will calculate it and have very systematic sleep calculator in my head. Let say I fell asleep at 2.45am (last night) and I woke up at 7.15am (this morning) I will get 4 hours 30 minutes of sleep. And that's one of the first thing I have to do in the morning, or noon, or evening or maybe night.

2. As you start thinking about bed, you will instantly come up with a million ideas.
I used to have a book, a note pad and a pen beside my bed. Every time I'm about to close my eyes, great ideas just keep pouring in. I will jot the ideas, sketch a bit and even made plans like the whole century. Sure these things won't come up at 9 a.m during my office hour.

3. Your life goals will be crystal clear at 4 a.m
I still have the black tragedy book that I wrote late at night on how I will survive for the past five years, from you know, being fired because you have some sort of visual deficiencies.

4. And you'll have so much motivation! ... Though you'll never act on any of it.
That just the only chance for me to have a wonderful life. Hey, all of my resume was written at this hour dude.

5. There's part of you that always resents the idea of going to bed because there's something else you could be doing.
If it's not my laundry, then it'll be my dishes. If not I will sweep the whole room. Now I'm working my ass out at the middle of midnight.

6. If you try to work while everyone is asleep, it'll be the most efficient thing you've ever done.
I can definitely key in hundreds of student project if it was night and past midnight. How many students waking up the morning after and tweeting "Eh, tiba-tiba MyCSD aku jadi banyak pagi nih". What they dunno is, there is a nocturnal raccoon working out very late to make sure that.

7. It's perfectly legitimate to make a sandwich at 2 a.m
Nuuuhh, sandwich, instant noodle, pancake, omelette, serunding daging. You name it. How about Nasi Lemak Kopi O or Maggie Goreng Subaidah. Abu? Kapitan?

8. And have a shower at 3 a.m
3 a.m is a bit aggressive to me. My point usually around 2 a.m. But that doesn't mean I've never tried it. Last two days, I'm taking shower at 3.15 a.m

9. And clean you room at 4 a.m
Did it, and that's the cleanest hour my home will have

10. You know exactly how to move around the house to avoid waking anyone else up.
It starts with the gate grill, key hole, sneaking while it's dark, using your phone as the only source of light and to make sure your roommate will go to sleep again if you accidentally woke them up. This time you will realize you can listen to your TV speaker at the very low volume. Trust me. My old Panasonic TV has breaking volume point at 4.5.. below that the TV will enter the mute mode.

11. Watching a quick half an hour of TV actually means starting a binge that will take you through mosf of the series
That explains why I can talk episode by episode of FRIENDS and other series. Now I'm catching up with The Vampire Diaries.

12. You've had many, many different strategies to fix your terrible sleep habits suggested to you.
One time my strategy was to not sleep at all the whole night and will go to sleep the morning after. The other time drinks milk as it will ease my sleep process. Then I will have things like working out so it will make me tired thus deep sleep. Some people said, chocolate can help you. But you know what? None of which have worked. At all.

13. And are now very practiced at lying about exactly when you go to bed.
Don't believe me if I say I sleep early last night. It's just my lame excuse to avoid replying your text or to answer your call.

14. At the weekend, the point at which everyone else is starting to think about leaving the bar is the point at which you're waking up.
Malam Masih Muda they said. Owh wait. Don't go back yet I just woke up dude and very energize

15. Unless you have to get up in the morning to do it. In which case you are in no way ready to attend anything before late afternoon at best.
Tell me what happens to the morning exercise or morning aerobics, I won't know.

16. The later you can start work in the morning, the better, because then you can justify staying up until the early hours.
Mine was pretty the other way around. I will stay up late to justify why I'm late the next morning. 10 o'clock the best I could get.

17. Your morning routine consists mainly of caffeine and more caffeine.
I woke up with coke at the side of my bed.

18. You avoid staying at someone else's because you know they'll want to sleep when you want to do literally anything else.
That's one of the reason why I'm moving back in to my old house at Gambier Heights. If I stay at some else's, they have to get up early. Me? I will definitely ruin their sleep going back the their place at 4, 5 a.m.

19. If you do happen to be in bed with anyone else, you'll end up lying there doing nothing for hours as they sleep gently next to you.
Okey, this may sounds creepy but yeah. I wonder how these people get to sleep so easy.

20. Getting into bed is never the same thing as actually going to sleep.
And if I did, it's not about to go to sleep. Either some reading, or TV or Series. Man there are lots of thing to do.

21. You suddenly find yourself making friends in other time zones to have some to talk to late at night.
Okey, never did this. Consider to try it next time.

22. There's always "one more scroll" on Facebook. Or Twitter. Or Instagram. Or anything, really.
Yeah, this one is a cliche one. Many people claim to do this. We better give this credit to the gadget freak list.

23. But fundamentally, night is when everything interesting happens.
TRUE TRUE TRUE. Me, driving the jungle at midnight, no problems. I wish I can have a job to require me to sleep during the day. Cross finger.



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