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Thursday, May 14, 2015 § 0

Where to begin. It has been so long since the last post. But recently I found out myself always trying to portray my emotion, my thought using twitter. With limited character as in Malay I call it LIMITASI AKSARA, it’s hard actually. But the good news is, if people didn’t print screen it they won’t have any evidence. Merely just a saying “Syahmi pernah tweet macam ni” didn’t really brings anything.

Speaking of the devil, okey I may curse a bit and to make it sound bitterer, I will write it up in Malay. Kepada BABI yang suka print screen tweet aku dan jaja ke sana ke sini, ko boleh mampos!!! Damn, twitter really took away all the moment. It was so mush easier to curse on twitter. Yearh knowing people will read it immediately.

Oh one more thing, it’s been awhile since I write anything in English so if you find any mistake, which will be like a crazy Friday night party for Grammar Nazis, please ignore it. If the sentence didn’t mean the way it’s supposed to be, well interpret it on your own.
You can follow me on Twitter and read my curse. Hehe. 

Next post I’m gonna write my weekend activities which involves traveling 700KM and flying cars. Well that’s a lie. Till then.



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