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Penang State of Mind

Friday, May 15, 2015 § 0

It’s a well known fact, Syahmi plus weekend is equal to Penang. The top questions asked to me prior to weekend is “Minggu ni balik Penang tak?”. And my answer will be “We’ll see”. And 90% of the times you’re gonna see me hiking on one of the mall in Penang the next hours.
This one was captured on 10th floor, Desasiswa Tekun USM. Yeah, aku rindu Tekun weah. Serious rindu gila babi

And this is my home now. Bukan dekat K, ni kat Penang. Pun rindu jugak rumah ni.

Is it a hobby? Well, a very long distance hobby that’ll cost you plus minus RM100 per trip times four if you wanna make it per month, I would rather say don’t choose this hobby if you are capable of other things. Collecting stamps is still fine in this time. Then why? That’s a very difficult question to answer. There’s no appropriate ways for me to express myself without leaving any scar to others. It’s hard isn’t it? I’m the one who drive 700KM every weekend but on the other hands I have to take care what other will say. I could say, fuck them it’s my life but again is it gonna bring any less harm?

Lot’s of people ask me, who are these people I’m hanging out with in Penang. There are a lot’s of people. During my first year in K (it’s a shortform for, you know) it was my Dongsaeng. Going out with him was the best things could happen, brotherhood wise. Then I manage to hook up with ONDEWEI people. A group of “Orang Tua” I would say because of our age gap is very narrow, a year or two I guess. If there are “Orang Tua” there will be “Orang Muda”. These green people consist of mostly first year student with their Nenek Kebayan (Sorri Aki, Denni maksudkan Cami tau.. hehe) and they call themselves “Lembu moo moo”.

Sometimes when Orang Tua in ONDEWEI or Orang Muda in Lembu couldn’t make it, the glue to this group will save the world. And it will be Cami and her binatang peliharaan Museng. Seriously that are the names of people, believe me.
My Dongsaeng. Kat belakang tu adalah watak dalam fairy tale Cami and her Museng Pet

Teater Jalan Mati. Kredit gambar dari Aki

Recently I found another piece, Party in Penang to hook up with. I must say, I was blessed with so many people that comes and go in my life. I never get too attached to a group of people and made “Till Death Do Us Part” or “Once A Party Always A Party” vow. Separation is part of life. Move on and expand your social circle. Easier said than done, but once it flows in your skin it’ll become your nature.

However, most people won’t agree with me, but heiy fuck off it’s my life. I can be with whoever I want to, I can go anywhere I wanna go. You have problems with it, save it a bit for your little pity group discussion wondering why I should and shouldn’t be in Penang. Bapak ko punya Penang ko tanak aku balik sana? Haha.

I wanna say my grace to these people willing to go out with me. And yeah, explore me because deep deep inside you gonna see why some people, despite of everything will always come back to me and why some people made their mind to keep on hating me with no apparent reason. Unlike some people, I love it when people hate me. It’s like a sport to me. Seriously, like hell yearh seriously.
The Legendary Pecal Ibu. Port pertemuan pelajar USM pelbagai batch. Alumni kena sign MoU dengan Ibu.

Alrighty then. Gonna save some more for the next post.



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